Flowserve Positioner Logix User Manuals

Flowserve Positioner Logix User Manuals - Description: Logix 520MD Series Digital Positioner User Instructions: Installation. with accessories, such as lockout modules, manual overrides and control panels used and maintained in accordance with Flowserve instructions.. 3800 positioners. Logix 3800 is the term used for all the positioners herein; however, specific numbers indicate features specific to model (i.e., Logix 3820 indicates that the positioner has HART® protocol and 3840 indicates Foundation Fieldbus). Separate Flow Control Products User Instructions cover the valve, actuator, or other portions of the system and other accessories. Refer to the. Flowserve Corporation 765 South 100 East 1978 Foreman Dr. Flow Control Division Provo, Utah 84606 Cookville, TN 38501 www.flowserve.com Phone: 801 373 3078 Phone: 931 432 4021 Logix™ 500 Digital Positioner Introduction: The Logix™ 500 Series digital positioner provides highly accurate positioning and very responsive control of quarter turn valves and dampers. The Logix™ 510 positioner is.

Browse product catalogues, installation guides, manuals, technical documentation and more. Download the PDFs you need to get the job done or contact us.. Logix 3000MD Series Digital Positioner FCD LGENTB0059-03 – 01/11 Superior Performance and Reliability Introducing the Flowserve Logix™ 3000MD Series Digital Positioner The Flowserve ® Logix™ 3000MD series high-performance digital positioners utilize state-of-the-art piezo technology to provide superior performance and reliability.. Flowserve Corporation has released the Flowserve Logix 3400MD, the newest member of the Logix series digital positioner family. This smart positioner features the advanced diagnostics capability of Flowserve ValveSight TM for facilities using Foundation Fieldbus protocol..

Logix 3200IQ positioner not only provides several preset gain set- tings, it also allows the user to develop custom settings for a wide range of actuator sizes and types.. Valtek Valve Packing Selection Flowserve Manual. PDF Flowserve pump engineering manual Flowserve pump engineering manual. Read/Download: Flowserve pump engineering manual Rotary Switches and Positioners. 24 Pages..

Logix 520 si Digital Positioner FLOWSERVE will not accept deliveries if a certificate has not been provided (a form can be obtained from FLOWSERVE). 1.8 Storage In most cases FLOWSERVE products are manufactured from stainless steel. Products not manufactured from stainless steel are provided with an epoxy resin coating. This means that FLOWSERVE products are well protected from corrosion.